Collection: Touchland Hand Sanitizer

We make hand sanitizer for the ones who love to feel it all; the ones who live life sensorily, curiously, passionately, & fearlessly, but not recklessly. We believe hygiene should be fun, convenient, cool & something you look forward to, that's why we have set up to rethink outdated products and experiences in personal hygiene, starting with a new approach to hand sanitizer. We combine revolutionary designs and skin-first formulations to deliver an unrivaled sensorial experience. Meet the award-winning hand sanitizer that made everyone start talking about hand sanitizer. Our proprietary liquid-based solution moisturizes hands while effectively killing most common germs and comes in 17 curated scents.

Power Mist has turned the unpleasant hand sanitizer routine into a ritual of skincare you look forward to. Every bottle of Power Mist contains 500 sprays and is packed with good-for-you, vegan, and non-sticky ingredients like Aloe Vera and Essential Oils.

With a 34,000 person waitlist, our award-winning solution is the first hand sanitizer to win: Allure Best of Beauty.